Meet our specialists

Our specialists have vast experience managing back-deck geotechnical operations, as Senior Operators, Party Chiefs, and Client Representatives, onboard drilling vessels, geotechnical vessels, and self-elevating platforms.

Wouter Zuijderduijn

Director and Senior CPT Operator

With over 15 years' experience working in the offshore industry, Wouter has built a reputation as one of the leading geotechnical equipment operators, particularly seabed, wireline, and top-push cone penetration testing.

Jan Mooibroek

Director & Senior CPT Operator

With over 15 years' experience working in the offshore industry, Jan brings a wealth of experience to challenging offshore construction/installation and geotechnical site investigation projects. Jan is an industry-leading operator of seabed, wireline, seismic, and top-push cone penetration testing equipment.

Robert van Dijken

Senior CPT Operator

Having an wide range of experience within the geotechnical industry. Passion for his work, and capabilities to adapt operations to project specifics. Robert has proven to be an great strength to the Subsoilutions Team.

Robbin Lok

CPT Operator

Since 2019 Robbin has gathered extensive knowledge and knowhow operating Seabed CPT units as well as Down The Hole equipment. Having completed external hydraulic system maintenance and PS-logging training courses Robbin is proven to be an great team-member professionally as well as socially.

Folkert Zuijderduijn

CPT Operator

Folkert is pursuing his family DNA. With being born in a CPT family, CPT's and sampling have become second nature. Besides his active involvement as social worker when at home, Folkert has gained a lot of hands-on experience always taking great pride following his fathers footsteps within the industry.

Sabri Razak

CPT Supervisor / Operator

Sabri has got an extensive CV within the geotechnical industry. Well known for his hard working and positive attitude complimenting any team. He has been a great member of the the Subsoilutions team since 2018.

Our Partners

Subsoilutions are specialist operators of Geomil Equipment’s Manta Seabed CPT and ORCA Wireline CPT Systems, and have service partnership agreements with major offshore construction & installation specialists, including DEME Group, GeoSea, Dredging International, EGS, and MyGeo.

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